For Expatriates

Are you swamped by paperwork? You never really have the time to organise all your bills and bank statements and it all started when you relocated to Holland?

Are you also:
  • facing piles of paperwork that makes no sense?
    Bills, information, requests, marketing, reminders, ...
    you don't understand any of it, it's all in Dutch ...
  • receiving mail that is not for you, but was sent to your address
  • battling with websites, automated telephone systems ... everything is in Dutch!
  • having difficulty in understanding the public transport system?
  • And don't forget, you may leave a country, but the administrative trail still follows. So now you have both new and old administration!

Let us save you time!

As an Expat you run into the same practical problems on a daily basis. To make your life in The Netherlands easier, we offer the following services:
  • We go through your Dutch mail for you, explaining what it is about, we tell you which ones need paying or liaise in Dutch with the relevant companies on your behalf.
  • We can translate your correspondence and send a fitting reply in Dutch.
  • We help you surf the Dutch web, looking for local companies and show you handy websites on how to find restaurants, shops, etc.
  • We re-organise your home office or study and keep your filing up-to-date.


We tailor our services to meet your specific requirements.
Do feel free to ask .